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Top 10 Customer Support Metrics and KPIs

Track & measure service excellence: Top 20 customer service KPI

kpis for customer support

In fact, every 1% increase in first call resolution sees a 1% rise in CSAT score. Plus, low-effort resolutions also drive loyalty and customer retention, with 61% of customers who’ve had their problems resolved with less effort choosing to stay with the company. It goes without saying that this metric is a vital KPI for businesses focussed on keeping customers happy. Today’s customers prefer getting quality, personalized, and seamless customer service, even if they have to wait for a bit.

kpis for customer support

Ticket volume measures the total number of conversations in your support inbox. Most support platforms provide all the essential reports to guide your team in the right direction. Monitor this KPI closely for your different support channels to keep it from going up. No matter how great your company is, it is still bound to have issues. If you are able to solve them quickly and in a satisfying manner, it is a sign of good service. Front Page is for leaders who believe in the impact of meaningful connections with customers.

FCR= Issues resolved on first contact ÷ Total no issues x 100

An ideal situation would be to have low costs and high satisfaction rates for all your communication channels; however, this is not always the case. Monitoring this measurement closely can help you paint an accurate picture of your situation and find improvement opportunities to ensure you remain profitable. And it’s equally important to send out customer satisfaction surveys to collect immediate feedback on your performance. Following on the same line as the previous example, the average resolution time tracks the minutes it takes your agents to solve an issue. In this case, it is divided by standard and special requests and tracked on a weekly basis. It is a valuable practice to monitor these two separately as standard requests usually take less time to be resolved than special ones.

kpis for customer support

And like we’ve seen before, speed of service largely affects customer satisfaction. Improving training, quality of support, and revising customer service policies can help with improving FCR. The total amount of requests shows the exact number of unique conversations your support team has in an inbox over a certain time (day/week/month).

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Automate an initial response to reduce this data point to nearly non existent. A shared inbox provides a shared perspective of email and improves visibility, accountability, collaboration, and, ultimately, your KPIs. Your KPIs will likely take a hit if agents are constantly overloaded with work. You may need to hire more agents or rebalance the workload among existing agents. By disregarding the passives and subtracting the percentage of detractors from promoters, you get your NPS score (expressed as a number, not a percentage).

Also called first response time, FRT is the number of minutes or hours elapsed between the time a customer submits a case and the time your agent responds. It’s best measured in business hours, so no one is penalized for time off the clock. Customers answer this question in retrospect of their entire experience with your brand. So, the customer service department needs to focus on keeping the other KPIs in check, and creating consistent and effortless customer service experiences can help with improving your NPS.

It’s usually expressed as a monthly or yearly rate, and it can be a good predictor of future business performance. You can also use a weighted average, which gives more weight to responses from customers who had a recent interaction with customer service. This is because their feedback is more relevant and indicative of current happiness levels. A service desk, often automated, is a program that manages the communication between a company and its customers. Most platforms give businesses a collaborative system with features that include a shared inbox, canned responses and actions, app integrations, and advanced metrics reporting.

kpis for customer support

For example, a rep with a 100% occupancy rate has no time to compose themselves between tickets. Not only can this lead to agent burnout, but it can also negatively kpis for customer support impact customers’ support experience. As discussed, many of the leading customer support applications account for KPIs while streamlining their users’ workflows.

Increase operational efficiency

Getting these numbers may sound daunting, but when you can track your customer service KPIs in real-time with little effort, you can focus on more important things. That’s why we built Kaizo Scorecards to help you track progress, pinpoint outliers, and streamline capacity planning to get actionable team insights. If you’re looking to get everything from individual results to team forecasting in one place, Scorecards will help you get the full picture. As discussed before, customer service plays an important role in strengthening customer relationships, making this an important KPI for support teams as well. So if your CSAT score is low, then going back to improving your response and resolution times might be worthwhile.

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With Service Cloud, agents get a 360-degree view of the customer, which enables them to personalize their interactions. Moreover, Zendesk provides an impressive suite of agent productivity tools. The guided mode helps you queue tickets more strategically for your agents to speed up response time. On the other hand, skill-based routing helps lineup tickets and relay them to the ‘most qualified’ agent.

Ratings and reviews on social media can be a powerful way to measure customer satisfaction. A high number of positive reviews and comments can be a good indicator that your customer service is performing well. A survey conducted among contact center professionals revealed that CSAT is perceived as the single most important measure of success. First Contact Resolution was also a popular choice, with 23% of respondents perceiving it as the crucial customer service metric. Choose up to four customer service metrics, and make sure that your team members are aware of these goals and working towards them.

kpis for customer support

Calls per agent also measure their efficiency, whether they entertain or ignore customers or excuse themselves as away or idle. Like in the first call resolution, the first call close (FCC) determines the number of sales transactions done in each customer’s first call. FCC applies to both new and existing customers contacted through lead generation. Unlike average call duration, AHT does not include ring time and queue since the latter only counts the entire transaction over the phone. However, factors such as abandoned calls and wrap time affect its calculation. Gauging business performance isn’t as skin deep as simply viewing the results and then calling it a day.

Crucial Customer Service KPI and Metrics to Gauge

In that way, teams can continue things that move the KPI closer to the desired state and avoid the ones that move them further away from the desired state. After all, the real power of KPIs, the ones that matter, is their ability to provide insight that informs a team’s strategy and moves them toward success. Using a suite of metrics helps teams gain a holistic perspective, but avoid over-indexing on any one metric. Every KPI that you set should tie back to a specific business outcome that can be quantified. So start by taking a look at your business’s goals and work forward from there.

kpis for customer support

Discover and hone ten customer service KPI metrics, complete with definitions, examples, and solutions to help you improve them. Monitor the revenue churn not just as a bigger picture, but also on an individual (customer) level so that you can identify reasons for churn and improve in the future. Measure this customer service KPI over time and see how your trend line is. If at some point they reach an unusually high percentage, it might be good to dig deeper. Monitor the customer churn over time and see what causes higher rates in order to improve the results in the future.

  • The more they know about your products, the easier they’ll be able to answer customer questions and resolve their issues.
  • The higher is the CSAT score, the better is your customer satisfaction.
  • So you need to opt for an efficient alternative system such as automatic ticket assignment.

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